Support the Gujarat families in India with basic necessities

Some very poor families are forced to migrate to big cities to find daily work so that they can survive. Following the containment measures for the Covid-19 pandemic, some workers find themselves stranded in cities without money for their families and without a way to return home to the countryside. That is why in this emergency, our partner NGO, VIKALP, has decided to help them return home and provide them and their families with basic necessities.

The basic essentials kits

To assist these vulnerable communities who need our help more than ever, you can fund support kits that will allow a family to eat and wash for a month. For long-term planning, you can add a few more euros which will be dedicated to agroforestry. This allows communities to improve their food security as well as their sources of income.

  • €12 = 1 kit
  • €20 = 1 kit and 4 trees

The kits contain wheat, rice, lentils, oil, sugar, tea, potatoes, onions, spices, soap and detergent.

As this project is supported by our NGO, we are able to provide a tax receipt to all donators if they are paying taxes in France.

If the funds collected exceed the set target, Up2green Reforestation reserves the right to allocate them to the tree planting activities developed by Vikalp in these same communities. These activities strengthen food security and make the community more resilient when confronting this type of crisis. 

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